Potenciamiento Del Efecto Fagocitario De Macrofagos

clorofilla con espirulina

Phagocytic potential of feline macrophages after exposure to a water soluble extract of spirulina in vitro

M. Qureshi, et al. January 1996, USA.

Bronchoalveolar lavage macrophages isolated from cats were cultured on glass coverslips. Macrophages were exposed to a water soluble extract of spirulina platensis in concentration range of 0 to 60 mcg per ml for two hours. Spirulina extract exposure did not cause significant macrophage cytotoxicity over untreated controls. Macrophage monolayers from treated and control cultures were incubated with sheep red blood cells (SRBC) as well as viable e. coli. The percentages of phagocytic macrophages for both of these particular antigens were higher (a two-fold increase in SRBC phagocytosis and over 10% increase in e. coli uptake) in cultures treated with various concentrations of spirulina extract. However, the numbers of either types of particles internalized by phagocytic macrophage were not different between the control and treated cultures. These data which showed that spirulina platensis extract enhances macrophage phagocytic function imply that dietary spirulina supplementation may improve the disease resistance potential in cats.

PUB: Immunopharmacology. in press. USA.